3D VRM Capsule House Avatars

I know a part of the CH plan is expanding IP to make CH a household name. Things like VRM based 3D avatars tied to each CH NFT I think is a fantastic way to add value to the collection while expanding the IP.

In my opinion I think a big portion of this NFT space is geared towards this “metaverse” idea, and rightfully so, I think the next iteration of these “pfps” that people use to represent themselves online naturally progress from 2D pictures to 3D avatars. You’ll be able to use them in a variety of aspects of ones digital life in the future. From streaming to doing meetings/videocalls/interviews, using it as an avatar in MMOs, games and future social spaces like VRchat, webaverse, decentraland, oncyber and anything else created in the years to come. You can see this clearly characterized through Meta’s vision and presentation on what they think the next iteration of social media is.

On the IP expansion front, this would also aid in that greatly. Because what’s better for IP than a bunch of users streaming as CH, playing games and hanging out in social spaces as a CH avatar. I think it would also do a lot with regards to how people would view CH as well. That not only is it art focused, but it puts CH in that group of “identity layer of this future metaverse” similar to the CLONEX, BAYC of the space. Which puts CH in a unique beneficial position because it is already art focused.

Projects like Hologram and Webaverse are also making it much more cost effective and time efficient to do this process so its much easier overall.

Many are going to use some form of avatar to represent themselves in these future social spaces. I think providing them with a Seerlight branded art focused option would provide long lasting value to the collection and open up tons of opportunities for CH for years to come.

I have attached a link below from one of the founders of Anata NFT that has already made the decision to make 3d VRM avatars. The thread clarifies what VRM is and how it’ll help with identity and how it’ll add utility/value to the Anata collection, think they have the right idea.

Have also attached some examples of other collections VRM files (Anata, BAYC, Webaverse, CLONEX) (Edit: will only let me post one since I’m a new user, but more are in the discord if you’d like to see)


this is dope. can you put it into the Template proposal form and we can move it to the next stage.

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