About the Draft Proposal category

The purpose of the Draft Proposal is to establish formal discussion and present your idea in the required template.

To create a Draft Proposal, create a new topic in the Draft Proposals subcategory using the template shown below. Link to your Temperature Check thread in the proposal draft; draft proposals that were not preceded by a temperature check may be removed by moderators.

Reach out to the community to build support for the proposal. Discuss the proposal and ask the community to provide feedback. Be willing to respond to questions.

Draft Proposal Template

  • Main concept: What will you do or create?
  • Temperature check: Link your Temperature Check Thread
  • Current status: Is this an idea, proof of concept, MVP, or established project?
  • Budget: How much total ETH are you requesting? How will the ETH be used? Rough budget breakdown.
  • Schedule: Estimated timeline of deliverables. Include funding milestones so we can monitor your project progress. For example, you could have a design stage milestone, a prototype milestone, and final project milestone.
  • Risk: Plan for project risks and include risk mitigation strategies
  • Value: What value will this project provide to the growth of the Capsule House brand? How will it benefit the community?
  • Team: Who is working on it and what are their roles? What are their qualifications? Show us their previous work. Provide references. All members of team must be doxxed to the Capsule House team for all proposals seeking >10 ETH of funding.

Failing to follow the template or gather enough feedback/support will result in your proposal being removed by moderators.

Once you are confident with the proposal, you ask Moderators to move your Draft Proposal to Active Proposal.