Aggressive free mint/airdrop bounty initiative


30% of the current treasury to be allocated for airdrops/free mints for Capsule House holders, in order to incentivize demand for capsules, reward holders, and build out capsule lore in a non-linear, natively web3 format.

I would like for this initiative to be ongoing, as the treasury refills, so that holders will always continue to receive commissioned artwork directly to their wallets, ‘set it and forget it’ style, and/or free mints with no time limit on claim (as was done with zodiacs).

Additionally, the community treasury is funded by royalties from secondary sales of capsules, as such this initiative is designed as an investment in the value proposition of holding a capsule, in order to incentivize new demand and strengthen existing revenue streams.


60 eth in 6 months

all funds to be kept in treasury until delivery, i.e. producer delegates funding but nobody gets paid until deals are made & deliverables produced

10% producers fee, half up front half at term (6 months, can be revoked by community if poor performance or transferred due to replacement, etc)

leaves ~9 eth per project (30% development cost, 70% artist fee)

10% royalty on secondary sales (7% artist, 3% producer)

producer has final cut, though encouraged to share notes/process with community

reassess end of term


we will post the following projects as bounties, in search of artists/teams to pitch to us, to be selected and financed

pitches will be given in public via twitter

a twitter account called ‘big shot’ will be set up, artists/teams may post their pitches for input/selection, any discussion/feedback from the public is natively available, as well using twitter serves to mitigate phishing risk for producer

not all bounties will be produced

not all projects selected will come from our own bounties, i.e. artists are free to submit completely original pitches so long as it can be produced within the budget and intended to serve CH holders at either the species, unique wallet, or total collection level.


vehicles, species specific - drawn to fit the chibi versions who could easily look like they’re driving a spaceship or classic mercedes or riding the back of a war elephant in a saddle made of bone, etc

companions, species specific - robot pets for posthumans, thralls for demis, animals for humans, spirits for yokai, etc

significant others - waifus, husbandos, gimps, idk what your capsule is into but I’d like to know who’s waiting for them at home

babes - swimsuit models and boy band posters, like you’d find in the bedroom of a teenager

foods that don’t exist - candy bars, boxes of mac & cheese, instant ramen, etc from a foreign universe

flora and fauna of neon city - wild animals, birds, fish, flowers, fruit etc

fossils - a historical record of the beings that used to live in the capsuleverse

unsolved mysteries/case files - legends, myths, mafia secrets, conspiracy theories, produced as dossiers

propaganda - the various factions that live in the neon city want you and these are their posters

views from a window - inside/outside shots from somewhere in the capsuleverse, looking at a wheat field through a spaceship’s porthole or a lunar surface from a farmhouse, etc


budget approval - to be submitted via forum and debated/approved in a timely manner

pitching phase - to be submitted via twitter (a separate bounty account to be set up)

final budgets - producer selects projects and submits final budgets for approval via forum

production - producer oversees selected projects, administrating payment & development

distribution - contracts go live, mint begins/airdrop is conducted

secondary markets - any royalties are distributed via splitter in contract

nobody, and it doesn’t matter: I’d like this proposal to be judged on its own merit. As producer, I would be looking for projects that feel inspired, not fan-service or slathered in advertisement. I am more concerned with emotion than product. Projects that make you feel something, not just lines on paper/pixels on screen. The reason I am proposing the approach outlined here is to create an abundance of opportunity to create something wonderful, for the holders of Capsule House, in a way that supports the ‘tokenomics’ of the ecosystem, as established.

questions? thoughts? concerns?