Apartment Acquisition and Integration with WorldwideWeb3

World Wide Webb Land (webb3)

Worldwidewebb3 is a pixelbased (2D) metaverse world with avatars, pets, lands, items and quests (in workings). The vision of webb3 is to create an open space to all NFT project and incorporate it to it’s world; giving them the tools to build and create their own communities inside webb3 world.

Apartment sizes (bigger size allowing larger builds):
Small - 69 tiles
Medium - 169 tiles
Large - 369 tiles
Penthouse - unlimited

Current floor price:
Small - 2 ETH
Medium - 2.6 ETH
Large - 6.4 ETH
Penthouse - 84 ETH

There has been at least 70 different NFT communities which own an apartment in webb3. 3landers, DeadFellaz, SuperNormal, and Karafuru to name a few that own a Penthouse. Other notable names are Alpacadabraz, Little Lemons, Cyptoadz, etc.

As of this writing, webb3 announced that they are onboarding 10 integrations this week into the webb3 metaverse. And each integrations is guarantee that they would buy apartment to provide a home for their community.

The fact that more NFT communities are integrating with webb3 means supply are being bought up (long term holder) and locked up for a long time. (supply shock)


  1. Capsule House should acquire a large apartment or a penthouse
    Motivation: Allow capsule house holder a metaverse world where they can socialize. It acts as engagement platform in a 2D world very different experience from the engagement in discord and twitter. We can organize events and questing such as treasure hunt for the community.
  2. Avatar integration with WorldWideWeb3
    Motivation: Mainly for marketing and advertising of capsule house. As it allows capsule house member to show off their capsule within the metaverse world. As more NFT project integrate with webb3, this is also a place where cross NFT project community can interact with each other.

Website: https://www.webb.game/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Worldwide_WEB3
Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/worldwidewebbland


I second the idea. Integration in their Webbland metaverse may allow future activities to be made available. For example, creation of specific quests for holders to complete for a reward (play to earn) may be possible if the webbland team can introduce the code to do so (they already made quests available in general but I am sure with a tweak and cooperation between our 2 teams, it can be made exclusive to capsule house holders to only attend certain quests). This will further add value to holding capsules, as it will be the gateway pass to participate exclusively in their platform or to earn a reward (if capsule team would like to head in this direction). It will also perhaps introduce new holders into our ecosystem, since you only need 1 NFT to gain access.


My question is this: if we had to choose between webb3 or sandbox, which one would we want?

Sandbox would be a heavier investment, whereas webbland would suffice with any apartment acquisition (project usually buys large or penthouse). It does not need to have the main integration and could be treated as an investment if needed. Expansion into Sandbox would require most of the treasury in order to purchase the land do whatever is necessary to build out the space. However, I am unsure of the backend deal of things with the other party.

You have my support here👊🏽

Also in support of the idea. Having an active presence in the development community metaverse projects gives us the flexibility to grow where demand goes.

Yeah I love WWWebb. Definitely get a penthouse. Excited to see how the team would make it look, but then the webb guys can maybe make a dope level based off of Seerlights art. Someone asked Webb or Sandbox and I say why not both. OR instead of Sandbox there is also NFT Worlds that are fully customizable worlds that each is supposed to be bigger than the whole sandbox

Quite expensive though, the floor is around 84E. That is already half the current treasury and not ideal in my mind. I would think this would require a separate proposal and use external funding, as this goes beyond what was envisioned in the community poposal.

A little over my head, but would this be a larger brand decision? You mention the other projects, who makes this decision for them to partake in these things?

Here is my opinion although I don’t know much about this project.

I think the metaverses (NFTWorld, Webb, sandbox, decentraland, …) don’t provide enough value for the price at the moment.

To get more exposure, content creation and traditional growth hacking will be more cost effective imo.

About community building, I can see the fun in a metaverse party but I think people will get bored quickly.

If it’s about investment, I don’t think we should invest in other NFTs projects, because risks add up.

Sorry for the FUD ^^. If we end up doing it, I’ll do the webb quests :stuck_out_tongue:


Good idea, I haven’t researched it enough but I see Zipcy’s team did that and Andrew Choi seems to be very aggressive and forward thinking in his strategy for their project

whats the difference between “large” and “penthouse”. Is the pent house really worth that price?

Also, why not give WRLD a look for an option here?!

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There’s also the option to build a custom “house” with a company like OnCyber/Cyber Factory (builders of the RTFKT space pod. This could serve as a hangout or event space if it’s one big house. Or it could be smaller and airdropped/minted by each cap holder - like the RTFKT pod drop.

Lots of options here for Metaverse events and hangs so let’s explore all options!

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