Art Commission Proposal (Pondering) Submitted by: TheLastBaron


I would like to propose a commissioned piece by Pondering.
Please see his work here: Pondering✨ (@Pondering) | Foundation

My goal with this is to do a few things:

-Bring life to the lore and world we are building.
-Provide our community with a quality/beautiful piece of art.
-Build our relationships with artists, and use our platform for more exposure for them and for ourselves.
-Grow the community treasury.

Once you understand/see his work, we will use the teams vision of the world, and create a Yokai city based on the IP and lore we have created. Within this city, there will be animations, Yokais, Architecture, etc. As a bonus to the collectors in all of us, Pondering (ultimately his choice on variety and amount of versions) will be doing alternative versions of the same piece (random mint).

Commission price: 3Eth (Directly to Pondering)

1 mint per wallet exclusively for cap holders.

Mint price: .03eth + Gas (Minting on the CH website like the zodiacs)

Sales/Secondary Breakdown (5% Royalties)

Artist: 25%

CH Team: 25% (IP/Dev)

CH Community Treasury: 50%

While all of us want free airdrops (and they will certainly come with more proposals), I believe the IP is worth more, the dev is worth more, the ability to buy and sell via eth is worth more. The ability to pay the artist for the their trust in our brand with their work, the amazing IP the team has created, and the opportunity for us as a community to grow the treasury passively on top of the Secondary sales the CH has generously given us.

If this is passed, the estimated time to complete is 15 days once started. My goal is to commission 3 additional pieces under the same guidelines for each species’ city.
Thank you for your time and consideration.


Love this! +1 from me mate.

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Wow such a cool idea :eyes: Excited to see how this all pans out!


Moved to temperature check. Love this idea. Would this be in twitter banner form?

Great Idea! Just one question regarding “1 mint per wallet exclusively for cap holders”, so will each mint result in the same city? Like will everyone have the same NFT look?

Looks Good. i checked out his other piece with CoolCats theme. I like that too.

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this is a good question! Having different subtle variations of the NFT would be cool. Nothing drastic. But could make the minting process fun, with some “Rarer” versions

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I like the proposal and Pondering’s work in the referenced links. I guess the details around ownership and/or copyright issues (if any) of the commissioned artwork will be included in the draft proposal.

A few questions that I have,

Is that artist being informed, that their art is being used in this way?

Staying on ETH network?

What is your planned/proposed secondary market royalty?

Completely love this idea! Ghxsts did that with ImaginarySina. Pondering would be an amazing choice for CH

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Yes, I agree, please keep this on mainnet and not on polygon!

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Another +1 from me ser :smiley:

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No, it will go along the same pieces that he was done in the past.

There has been full transparency from the beginning with Pondering.


5% like CH

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Pondering is fully aware of this and I have been transparent with him from the beginning.

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Ultimately Pondering will decide this. This is not a generative project. If Pondering decides to just do one, then it will be one. If he decides to do 9999, then it will be 9999. I have asked for variations. Chromas. Change of seasons. Zodiac Orbs.

This is correct. 1 city. Possibly different chromas. Possibly a change in seasons. Possibly different statues. Possibly zodiac orbs. If pondering decides to 1, then its the same / depending on how many collectors choose to mint. If Pondering decides to have 10 versions then you will have various properties/traits.

First time hearing about Pondering for me, but I love this idea.

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LOVE THIS! Thanks Baron. This should happen!


Like it very much, adds value for the collectors AND the brand. needs to be carefully curated

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