Building bridges with other community

I love what Deekay did with Seerlight for his let’s walk series. He basically applied his art to Seer/CH and ran with it. I would suggest we systematize this with other community to insert Caps in other collection. Like doodle and caps, gharliera and caps, azuki and caps.

concretely this would materialise in 1/1 from other collections, or a small series, that could be 1) sold as special editions to both communities 2) auctioned for specific occasion 3) else TBD

That’s be a great way to engage our community who, for some, are active members in other blue chips, to build bridges and as a result add value to CH.

Concretely, we need to develop an offer and an outreach plan to selected communities, with possible funds to be set aside for creative work

I believe this is more done behind the scenes/ in the background or kind of like a unspoken truth/allegiance