Call for engagement to the CH community

Building on the concept of the community treasure, list the needs of what the marketing team sees as important to build the brand and reach out to the CH community with specific asks. It can be

  • you’re in the entertainment industry → can we think of a joint event / speaker opportunities
  • you’re a sportman/woman → sponsorship/visibility of CH
  • you’re an artist → commission to spread the CH spirit

I can think of many asks, this is why they should be developed in partnership with the marketing team to be “on target” with the CH brand aspirations.

With close to 4K holders, I am sure there are a few gems that can help us seize opportunities we are not aware exist. And of course, you can set up a sort of reward mechanism for these individuals who give a hand, modalities TBD


Absolutely agree. Let’s take advantage of our passionate holders who can emphasis Capsule House through their own connections and talents. I hope the Creative Committee is a good start to this, but would love to see other avenues to amplify Capsule House brand.

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