Camila Nogueira Yokai Tower Piece (Active Proposal)

Main Concept:

I would like to propose a commissioned piece by Camila Nogueria. Please see her work here:

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Camila Nogueira Illustration

Camila Nogueira Illustration

Camila Nogueira (1993, Portugal) is a digital artist who focuses on reinterpreting reality with a magical vibe and creating surreal worlds we would love to live in. Here you can find her artwork and city prints, japanese illustrations and album art.

And follow her here:

Camila has truly been a joy to communicate with. She is prompt and kind, and a huge fan of Seerlight. My goal is to create an audio/visual piece similar to her Cloud 9 piece. The tower will be the Yokai Tower, that Nami (The Tale of the Kitsune protagonist Capsule House Lore – Medium ) running up the tower, delivering her messages, and finally sitting atop the tower, looking out at the Border House which separates the Spirit world from the Physical.
As with the Pondering piece, I’m looking to bring light to some amazing artists in the space, while bringing our community art that is exclusive to our holders. I want to help bring art to the world and stories that will be told, and show how beautiful and diverse our IP can be.

Mint time period: 7 days
1 mint / wallet
Snapshot taken before mint.
For Capsule Holders only, no public sale.

Mint price: .03eth + Gas (Minting on the CH website)

Sales/Secondary Breakdown (5% Royalties)

Artist: 25%

CH Team: 25% (IP/Dev)

CH Community Treasury: 50%


My goal with this is to do a few things:

  • Bring life to the lore and world we are building. Provide our community with a quality/beautiful piece of art. Build our relationships with artists, and use our platform for more exposure for them and for ourselves. Grow the community treasury.

Current Status:

Just waiting for the go ahead. Camila has been made aware of the structure below. Once this is approved, Camila and I will get to work on it.

Commission price: 4 Eth (Directly to Camila)


If this is passed, the estimated time to complete the art is June.

Funding milestones-
2 ETH to start to Camila. Remaining 2 ETH at successful completion of commission with acceptance from TheLastBaron.


We will only need 268 Holders to mint to make the initial investment back.

TheLastBaron will work with Camila to ensure quality/theme of art and agree on revisions with Camila.


Camila, Myself, and CH Dev team

Temp Check: Camila Nogueira Yokai Tower Piece


@TheLastBaron very appreciate your work here and will still support you.

But :
Let’s see what what the community choose, extra mint for me is still a very bad idea. You remove the premium thing to the thing…

Can you push the vote with 3 entry choices?
And we can see if we want it with or without extra mint.

Thks again.

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Great artist choice. I’m in.
I would wait the pondering mint and secondary market sales to choose between mint and airdrop.

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Would love to follow it

discussing this now. I might do a snapshot vote for these, so this conversation doesnt keep going on. Id like it to be seemless each time i propose, so its rinse and repeat with new artist and new mint price depending on cost.


Not too interested in secondary sales regarding this. The price is based on commission and adding value to that artists work for doing a larger edition piece. Depending on how it plays out. I think .03 is more than fair for pieces like these. I think to combat this, keeping it 1/wallet may be the only play.


I like this art style very much and support the creation of the team

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