Camila Nogueira Yokai Tower Piece

Main Concept:

I would like to propose a commissioned piece by Camila Nogueria. Please see her work here:

And follow her here:

Camila has truly been a joy to communicate with. She is prompt and kind, and a huge fan of Seerlight. My goal is to create an audio/visual piece similar to her Cloud 9 piece. The tower will be the Yokai Tower, that Nami (The Tale of the Kitsune protagonist Capsule House Lore – Medium) running up the tower, delivering her messages, and finally sitting atop the tower, looking out at the Border House which separates the Spirit world from the Physical.
As with the Pondering piece, I’m looking to bring light to some amazing artists in the space, while bringing our community art that is exclusive to our holders. I want to help bring art to the world and stories that will be told, and show how beautiful and diverse our IP can be.

1 mint per wallet exclusively for cap holders for 6 days. Final Day x2/wallet.

Edition size will be maxed out at total number of holders at completion of piece. If after 6 days we are not sold out, we will open it up for a max of 2/wallet in addition to the 1 already purchased, until we are capped or the day ends. I understand both sides of the coin, dilution and rarity, but at the same time everyone will always skirt the system, and some may just want more to have and to sell, and I cannot fault people for that. While we will never make everyone happy, our goal is to do our best and be as transparent as possible.

Mint Mechanics:
Mint time period: 7 days
Capped at current amount of holders at time of artwork completion (ie. 4000).
First 6 days: 1/wallet
Final day: 2/wallet Until capped or day end
This allows all holders who want one 6 days to mint.
At the end of the 6 days, holders will be allowed to mint 2/wallet for a total of 3 overall.

Mint price: .03eth + Gas (Minting on the CH website)

Sales/Secondary Breakdown (5% Royalties)

Artist: 25%

CH Team: 25% (IP/Dev)

CH Community Treasury: 50%


My goal with this is to do a few things:

  • Bring life to the lore and world we are building. Provide our community with a quality/beautiful piece of art. Build our relationships with artists, and use our platform for more exposure for them and for ourselves. Grow the community treasury.

Current Status:

Just waiting for the go ahead. Camila has been made aware of the structure below. Once this is approved, Camila and I will get to work on it.

Commission price: 4 Eth (Directly to Camila)


If this is passed, the estimated time to complete the art is June.

Funding milestones-
2 ETH to start to Camila. Remaining 2 ETH at successful completion of commission with acceptance from TheLastBaron.


We will only need 268 Holders to mint to make the initial investment back.

TheLastBaron will work with Camila to ensure quality/theme of art and agree on revisions with Camila.


Camila, Myself, and CH Dev team


You have my 100% support here TLB. Camila is an extraordinary artist and wish I could afford one of her pieces. I’m confident you will easily get above 268 holders to mint her piece. I am supper excited about this and hope the motion is approved.


This sounds good!
I love the art, supper excited and wish we can approve this!


Love this and it has my support. I think I follow you on the Final Day x2 Wallet point, but do you mind elaborating the details of that a bit more so that it’s abundantly clear for anyone else coming in?

Thanks for pushing artists and the CH IP further. Love it.

Camila’s work its great!! Thanks for your work putting this together…you 'll have my 2 votes for approval!!


Yes, I love this and you have my support. Lets just nail down the mint mechanics.


Omg wow this is so cool! Let’s all raise a glass to Baron who’s been toiling ceaselessly for the community! :love_letter:


Mint Mechanics:
Mint time period: 7 days
Capped at current amount of holders at time of artwork completion (ie. 4000).
First 6 days: 1/wallet
Final day: 2/wallet Until capped or day end
This allows all holders who want one 6 days to mint.
At the end of the 6 days, holders will be allowed to mint 2/wallet for a total of 3 overall.

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I’d like to have a piece of her art, it’s so beautiful.


I’m down for making this a Capsuleverse project! A point of clarification though -

“If there are 4000 holders at the time of completion, the mint will be capped at 4000”

I take this to mean that the number of editions will be capped at the number of unique wallets at 1:1 per wallet. But it’s a little vague in that it doesn’t explicitly mention this. ie if we don’t have 4000 unique wallets / holders at the time of completion, are there 2000, 3000, or even 3783509 editions?


yes, so the max number of possible editions is that of the amount of holders.
So if there are 3875 holders, that is the max edition size.


Another nice one ! good catch TheLastBaron ! Are you gonna remake Nifty gateway for CH holders ? :rofl: :joy:

I think more than one per wallet isn’t the way to go, if they aren’t sold fine with that, that give them more value long term and don’t become a speculative asset for CH holder.

I love the idea : You love the art ; you collect ! you miss the drop ; you cry and wait for the next one !

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I’d mint for sure. Her aesthetic matches capsule house pretty well and I’d feel confident we’d get more than 268 minters


4k for a single artwork is pretty high, regardless of whom it is.
Definitely 1 per wallet should be the max in my opinion.
The price should also be dependent on a basic calculation of the cost x edition size.

  • Very large edition (4k+) means the mint cost should be zero or close to zero.
  • Raffle to a smaller subset who registered (100-250) mint cost can be a bit higher (0.03-0.05).

How about, allow all holders to register but then reduce the mint size and finalize price based on registrations.

I suggest reducing the amount of speculation, but don’t sell it at a very high price and high edition, otherwise secondary has no value and people will wait to purchase there anyway.
Let people buy it at a reasonable price and hold long term.
Considering the projects funds out of community wallet, I am not in favor of making continuous art drops meant to collect money from the community.

When you are charging for a mint cost, then most projects cap them at a fairly low edition size (100-250) for good reason.


instant love when looking at her art. this definitely fits our lore

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Definitely agree.
Would suggest that we start to converge on a common mechanic for these collab. drops. It seems like you have basically the same as from the Pondering proposal, but making the rules identical could be helpful in terms of keeping simple for community to track and participate.


I love it! Down like a clown, Charlie Brown.

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(Word Vomit Incoming…)
I apologize for the delay in getting back to you on this. I really appreciate the thought you put into this, and the insight regarding how some mechanics work in other projects.

Unfortunately, I don’t view this as stringently.

I don’t agree with the raffle portion because this is a community project, and every holder should have the chance to mint, and have pieces of art that work alongside the lore/world we are creating. Not based on luck.

While I like the idea of registering, its also unfair to people who missed the registration for one reason or another, new holders that may join our project based on the teasers and announcements.

I don’t believe .03 ($80-$100) for an edition piece of an artist who normally does 1/1s (4-5eth), a piece that many wouldn’t necessarily be able to afford, and that is based on the project were here for in the first place, is a high ask. I understand not everyone can afford these things, and if you think its too much for what you’re getting, then you don’t have to buy.

The goal of these is not to raise secondary sales, its honestly just a way to utilize the funds that the project has given back to the community, to bring amazing artists closer to the project, enjoy working with Capsule House, while giving our community awesome pieces of art.

While I agree with some people that these should be 1/wallet. But I also realize there are 3900 other holders in this community that may want more for one reason or another. So with this mechanic, it allows every holder a week to mint theirs. If people then want more, they have 1 day do mint an additional two. Yes, this does increase the edition size. Yes, it allows people to sell on market. But it also generates the possibility for non holders to buy it, and then maybe, serve as a gateway into learning more about the project based on the subject matter of the piece. It generates more money into the community treasury, that yes comes from the community itself, but to me I would gladly pay a couple hundred dollars a month to have amazing pieces based on the world were building, and be happy at the opportunity for it.

I understand no community proposal will be perfect, nor make everyone happy, but that’s what being a community is. Its compromise and building. If people truly feel like I’m/we are trying to leech money from the community then I sincerely apologize. My goal is, and will always be, to bring beautiful/awesome content to the community in forms of story and art that helps expand this bountiful sandbox Seer/Junn/Oksami has created for us.


Yeah, thats what i tried to do for both the Camila and TokyoLuv piece. Hopefully if the mint mechanic works on these, the only thing that will change will be the mint and commission price. So it is rinse and repeat, and everyone know what were doing.
Thank you for replying and giving your thoughts!

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Yes 100% support, Camila is such a talented artist!