Capsule House Banner Project

I’m not an artist myself, but I think it would be cool to have a separate Capsule House Banner collection. Not sure what the logistics of this would be, whether it’s a whole new project/mint (like MidnightBreeze) where current capsule holders (snapshot) get automatic presale mints, or even if it’s just one limited version with multiple copies that are airdropped to current holders. I can help to make it happen in any way I can


A derivative project that is made for twitter banners would be awesome.

The team is looking to provide some banners in the future but that is more long term after pfps.


I love the idea around banners, especially since that space is at least less crowded than the PFP market and is a cool thing for folks to rep.

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I like it very much and wonder if this is something that could be thought through with the proposal of lastbaron. Food for thoughts but I very much like the possibility to express that we are part of the CH family on twitter

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Great proposal indeed! A banner specifically catered to Capsule House holders will definitely be fire. We can make more people notice us through this way!

I like this idea and I think using Treasury funds for other artists to do Capsule House renditions are a good place to start. The other proposal with Pondering’s artwork could work great naturally as a Twitter banner and may be the best place to make this happen.

midnight breeze has blown up for Azuki

It would definitely add value.

What about going further with mobile backgrounds (IOS LivePhoto for animated pfps), digital watch backgrounds, …? Like a full set :sweat_smile:

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This is a great idea…Imagine an amazing collections of banner designed from our Seerlight or Kaejunni…make sso much sense!!!
Im in!!!

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On the fence about this being a commissioned collection and it being an official collection by seerlight and kaejunni as part of future plans. Kinda leaning towards the latter

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Completely agree with you on this one

I would much rather see a implemented banner made by seerlight that is auctioned off to the capsule holders. I dont see a need for there to be more saturated seerlight art out there better to be auctioned off to the community instead of a 10k or at least a airdrop to diamond hand holders (unlisted caps) airdropping consisting of a dynamic banner that can be changed on the web3 website (kind of how burn/change to pfp worjs)


Yes I want a capsule phone background!

100% in support, LFG!

Agree that collab. works in discussion or progress could be well suited as banner art for holders, but absolutely love the idea of a Seerlight banner. Fits in well with the background concept. Could consider a zodiac burn mechanic to redeem for it. Would be super interesting if we could even use the existing background art to generate a combined PFP/banner.