Capsule House Card collection initiative

Main Concept

What do we want to build with this community proposal?

  • Expand the CHCC (Capsule House Card Collection) experience

Why produce a Codex + Capsule House Card Collection website?

  • The CHCC: Genesis Collection is a first step of creating an everlasting and dynamic card ecosystem.
  • We want collectors to have fun collecting while incorporating all Capsule House NFT collections

What are we building?

The Codex:

  • Badges
    • This is based on what is in your wallet that is connected.
  • Achievements
    • This is based on what you’ve “achieved” through various opportunities
  • User Profiles:
    • Display your card collection and other Capsule House NFTs
  • Gallery Page:
    • See the entire card collection and filter out results by artist, variant, etc.
  • Single Card Page:
    • Toggle between JPEG and MP4 asset for the card
    • See Metadata
    • Ability to right click “save image/video as”
  • Leaderboard:
    • Earn points and climb rank based on various criteria/opportunities


  • Total Budget: $20K
  • Capsule House will be contracting an external development studio to complete the first development phase of the Capsule House Card Collection website + maintenance and bug fixes for 3 months from completion.
  • The total amount for the contract is $20,000USD - with a 50% payment upfront and 50% payment upon completion.

The Ask

The equivalent of $20,000 USD in ETH to cover costs ONLY for the external development team that is helping accelerate the timeline by 3-6x. Candidly, this would take internal development at least 3-6 months. Wanted to have it co launch with the reveal of the card collection.


  • Approximate Total Weeks: 4 Weeks
    • First 2 weeks:
      • Work on the capsule card platform features
    • Last 2 weeks:
      • Work on the Codex features (badges, achievements, etc.)


No one uses the platform.

Value to Holders

  1. Create a fun and compelling Codex for the community!
  2. Encourage holders to maintain + increase their collection across the 5 collections: Capsule House, Zodiac Capsules, Zodiac Cards, Community Curated, CHCC: Genesis
  3. Obtain new holders through gamification
  4. Increase social engagement and reward community members for being active
  5. Build a dynamic web platform that expands new lore with side characters Sutoikku and The Cursed Kiseru


Two independent votes to approve costs paid at time of service and completion

  • 5% quorum to cover $10K cost (2x)

Proposed by:
WILLX and Capsule House Team

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Great! How can we push this forward?

Yes, 20k seems cheap to bring much value to caps and cards ecosystem

Worthwhile to build in my opinion, need a platform for all of our current products

no one will use this. ever. the only people who need this project are the ones being paid the $20k. what planet do y’all even live on lmeow

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