Capsule House (Onryo) for SIA

Just recently, @BiancaMedici69 doxxed herself and revealed she is SIA. Apparently, SIA is a friend of one CH’s top holder, Anonymoux69. Anon wants to give SIA an Onryo cap with a titanium chroma (because one of Sia’s signature song is Titanium by David Guetta plus the Onryo totally embodies her personna - bangs hiding the eyes). Now, I am wondering if we can use the Community Treasury to give SIA her cap for CH’s promotion and future collaborations.

I would love to hear your thoughts regarding my proposal. Open to discussions regarding the pros and cons of this movement. Thank you! Have a nice day everyone.


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I love the idea as long as we kind of get confirmation that she’ll promote CH first!

I think this is great. it’d be better if she purchase it, but i mean if Anonymaux wanted to give her a CH as a friend i don’t see why not. It will be more complicated if it comes from the CH team tho, as it will be seen as paid promo.

Agreed, do not want anything to look like paid promo and the team has been clear they never have and never will. As much as I love her having that it would need to come from outside the team or ideally she buys it

am not a super fan of something that I see as paid promo. other ways to get her engaged

I’m ok to invest in a collab with her.

But airdropping one might result in a net loss. Hundreds of collections have probably already airdropped her. She won’t even notice.

Having SIA on board would be a huge win, but giving her a free NFT will sadly not make that append imo.

Think it’s a good idea that should evolve into a longer term plan depending on what the next stage(s) for CH are in Roadmap 2.

Scout (potential influencers), seed (with product), stoke (invite into the program for more), showcase (the influencer’s content / collab), sell (the brand / products to more people) is a very common style for cyclical affiliate marketing programs.

Seeding would be this step, but is there an official program, campaign, or moment to channel Sia’s interest into? Right now it seems like the answer is just “the Capsule House brand” which is a very nebulous thing without a solid roadmap in place.

A bit confused on this. You said ‘anon wants to give her’, which would be entirely within their rights to do. Not sure what the community feedback is intended to solicit here. Don’t agree that we should ‘fund’ any giveaway to her from treasury.