Commission Proposal: RiotCapsoools by Elle

I would like to bring an artist to this community you may not be familiar with. Her name is Elle and she is behind the project RiotGoools on Fantom and Tezos. RiotGoools is a project that includes the original Riot Goools, Goool Bands, Magical Goools, Power Goools, Gooolmon, Goools on XTZ, and Goool B-sides. There is no discord. There is no private holders club. The community is public-facing. Elle regularly airdrops new collections to holders, as well as transparent overlays (.png files) released on twitter, which holders use to dress up their goools and share. Its super fun, every time. They are each priceless moments of a great story.

I would like to commission Elle to draw us a 3 piece collection in a style similar to her B-sides and Goools on XTZ collections. These collections are some of my favorites because they feature Elle as a character making her way through the nft space. I have always felt that her work appeals to users because she is one of us, just drawing how it feels to be a person navigating web3. I would like to bring that same dimension to Capsule House, and have a collection that focuses on the experience of being a fan. On the creative committee we had a joke about a band called Death Capsule that has an Onryo as a lead singer. I want to see that band playing on a rooftop in the Neon City.

Elle is available to do 3 pieces for our community, on a timeline of 3 months, for a total cost of 3 eth. I would like for this project to be an airdrop, because I want this community to feel the joy of receiving surprise work from Elle. The return on this investment, in my opinion, is the exposure of our community to Elle’s collectors on Fantom and Tezos and vice versa. Her following is relatively small but very loyal to the authenticity she brings to her work. I want to invest in that authenticity.

Let me know your thoughts here, I am torn on whether its more fun to airdrop all three pieces to every holder or to randomize them so we have to trade with each other to complete the collection. What do you think?

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I think this is a good idea, only issue is 3eth seems a bit much for 3 pieces of pixel art


Paintings aren’t typically sold by the weight of the ink, but I appreciate your feedback.

I like this idea, though the 1/eth per when you look at her other prices on tez etc. So i would vote for this, if were able to have pricing be a little more reasonable. Thank you for taking the time to post, and put out a great idea for the community and bring light to another artist in the space!


allow me to make the case for overpaying artists: why wouldn’t we? This wallet has a revenue stream derived from secondary sales of capsules. Investing in artwork to be given to capsule holders is a direct strategy to add premium to that price and incentivize new collectors to join the community.

Fantom and Tezos are different markets. The prices, across the board, reflect the lack of secondary market activity. Ethereum mainnet pricing is not higher because it’s a different caliber of art (some are quite literally doodles lmao), its higher because there is a more robust secondary market and higher overhead costs due to ethereum gas pricing. This collection would be the first Goools on ethereum and imo we should compensate accordingly.

If I am alone on this, happy to renegotiate with the artist, but imo we should strive to overpay artists for their work because it also incentivizes artists to want to work with capsule house. Everybody needs to eat and I’d prefer fat and happy artists to starving ones.

As an artist myself I get what you are trying to say but even if capsule house is a relative successful collection, we cannot simply overpay every artist/over invest into every proposal because we have the funds.


Thanks eightsixsevenzero for the proposal. As with the other proposals, I love the idea of highlighting various artists with different art styles and in this case an NFT artist that not only has a different art style but also focuses on an NFT market on a different chain. But to echo the other commentators, even if we take into account the different markets on Fantom/Tezos and also take into account the higher overhead costs due to ETH gas pricing, to me there still seems to be a pricing disconnect between the artist’s past sales/avg sales and the 1 eth per art piece for this proposal. I don’t want to under pay an artist, I don’t want to over pay an artist, I want to pay the artist a fair market value for the art piece. Valuing art is highly subjective so I can see room for disagreement or differing opionions but I think if a renogotiation of price was done then maybe more people would be willing to support this proposal.

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First of all I would like to thank you guys for your opinions, of ~4k holders there’s like three active people here lmao. Appreciate y’all.

I want to say that the 3e price was my offer. I looked at what we are paying other artists and chose the lowest number. Elle doesn’t have a commission price, really, and I don’t know that she is even really available to do work like this usually (nor do I believe her time will become any less valuable). I have seen the prices of her work steadily rise over the last year and genuinely believe whatever we pay now will look cheap in one year and REALLY cheap in five. As a general idea, I would like for the wallets of capsule holders in five years to be filled with now-ubiquitous artists. That means identifying breakout talent and investing in their work. In entertainment they say that one second you’re shit, the next you’re hot shit. So maybe you don’t see it yet, but I would like to convince you that this artist is someone to follow and while most folks end up writing twitter threads or substack articles, I just want to give her money to do more art and I want to put that art in your wallet.

Would 2e be a more reasonable price in the opinion of the folks here? I would direct you to the price of Gooolaroids (PaintSwap) for reference. I would also recommend you look at historical pricing for this collection and how it has grown.

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I think 2e is more agreeable, I think it’s best to reach out to the artist to see where the artist stands on this. If the artist is willing to move forward with this price offer I don’t see why this shouldn’t move forward to snapshot. Just for additional information what do you foresee as being the mint price for it? I am trying to gauge how many people need to mint to recover the initial investment. As long as enough people will mint to recover the initial then it’s really no loss to capsule house. Those that wanna mint can mint and those that don’t, don’t.

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No mint price, this would be intended as an airdrop to all holders.

Generally, this treasury is neither a trading account nor business of it’s own. It is connected to the revenue stream of secondary sales of capsules themselves, ergo I think using it on things like airdrops to incentivize capsule sales is a good use of the funds and something we should earmark a larger portion of the treasury for.

Thanks for the reply, I’m personally wary of using the treasury for this as an airdrop. Would prefer this to be a mint so the treasury can recoup the initial investment like the other proposals. I think when it comes to fairly unknown up-and-coming artists (also an artist whose market segment focuses usually on tezos) the attraction for people to purchase a capsule to be part of this airdrop runs the risk of being minimal.

yeah I don’t mean that this single airdrop will kickstart a bull run on capsules, rather that on the whole it would be a major value add if there were consistent airdrops over the course of being a holder. Again, so that in a year your wallet just gets filled with art while you do nothing but occasionally go on twitter to post ‘damn look at this cool art that just showed up in my wallet, thanks CH!’

I also don’t think it makes sense for every project commissioned to be an airdrop, simply because the treasury couldn’t afford it, but for a case like an emerging artist I think the cost of commission is reasonable enough to just be absorbed by the not insignificant treasury

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This is a good point, airdrop form on a whole can be a major value add for capsules. So I’m convinced a mixture of mint/airdrop is a good way forward. just trying to think what is a good criterion for when to do mint and when to do airdrop? Or do you see it as making no difference? That no criteria are necessary and it’s just kind of based on whenever the community decides?

I think starting from the budget is a good strategy. As in, X% of the treasury budget is allocated for airdrops, X% for minting/direct ROI. In an ideal scenario, the volume of capsules themselves picks up (and sustains) enough to subsidize more airdrops than mints. I’m considering another proposal of a sort of incentive period in which we would earmark a certain amount of eth to be spent in the next six months creating airdrops specifically, just to get the ball rolling. Baron inspired me with his work on the previous commissions and I would hope to inspire others to go and find their favorite artists and work with them to make something for this community. I think its a really good value add for capsules, but also want to see this eth we’ve raised financing art

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