Curated Collection: Rykyart Eyes of the Species

Main Concept:

I would like to propose a commissioned piece by RykyArt. Please see his work here:

RykyArt has been a pleasure to work with, and discuss various aspects of art and his process. His most recent pieces are getting scooped up within hours, and its well deserved. When I first noticed his portraits, the eyes seemed to have a life of their own, like a galaxy I could stare into forever. I asked if he would be open to doing a anime inspired piece but with his style, highlighting a pair of eyes of each species, stacked on another, like we see in so many anime promo content.

Mint Mechanics:
Mint time period: 7 days
1 mint / wallet
Snapshot taken before mint.
For Capsule Holders only, no public sale.

Mint price: .01eth + Gas (Minting on the CH website)

Sales/Secondary Breakdown (5% Royalties)

Artist: 25%

CH Team: 25% (IP/Dev)

CH Community Treasury: 50%


My goal with this is to do a few things:

  • Bring life to the lore and world we are building. Provide our community with a quality/beautiful piece of art. Build our relationships with artists, and use our platform for more exposure for them and for ourselves. Grow the community treasury.

Current Status:

Just waiting for the go ahead. RykyArt has been made aware of the structure. Once this is approved, RykyArt and I will get to work on it.

Commission price: .8 Eth (Directly to RykyArt)


If this is passed, the estimated time to complete is 1 month.

Funding milestones-
.4 ETH to start to RykyArt. Remaining .4 ETH at successful completion of commission with acceptance from TheLastBaron.


We will need 160 Holders to mint to make the initial investment back.

TheLastBaron will work with the artist to ensure quality/theme of art and agree on revisions.


RykyArt, Myself, and CH Dev team


Hey everyone. I am so excited and very grateful for being contacted by TheLastBaron. It was a really nice chat and it would be so awesome to create a picture for such a wonderful community. Once this is approved, I will do my very best to make a perfect artwork for you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Have a wonderful day! :purple_heart:


I approve. I think this is a great candidate for a “free” mint for holders as well.


You have my support!


I approve. “free” mint for holders as well. And i follow Riky on Twitter and i love his art ! +1 :v:


lets go and push this forward.


Nice! I see great potentiel for a demi human landscape. Or to introduce a giant mythical creature to the CapsuleVerse.

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