Fund for Community Events & Rewarding Engaged Commmunity Members

  • Main concept:
  1. 4 ETH to fund community contests prizes and contractors.
  2. 4 ETH to fund to reward community members. Reward for community event organizers, content creators and artists (monthly, community-nominated)


  1. Fund community contests prizes and contractors (adhoc)


  • Conflicts of interests clause: organizers are not eligible to receive payments or engage related companies, unless approved by grindin/mod team.
  • Minimum engagement: Minimum of 25 holder participants for prizes to be unlocked.

Examples of payments:

  • 0.2 ETH to pay animator to animate winning contestants Zodiac (contractor payment).
  • 0.05 ETH to purchase capsule house merch for raffle contest (prize).
  • .7 ETH to purchase Capsule House off floor to use as prize for contest (prize)
  • 1 ETH to pay graphic artist to create Capsule House Twitter banners for contest winners (contractor payment).


  • New ETH wallet managed by someone on CH team with wallet address made known to the community.
  • Payments to be made known via weekly team update blog
  • Proposals for contests can be made by any community member or Mod
  • Proposals for contests to be approved by grindin/mod team

2. Rewards for community event organizers, content creators and artists (monthly, community-nominated)

  • Monthly distributions, community/team nominated, nominees approved by grindin/Mod team.
  • Create a channel in discord to nominate #CommunityRewards
  • grindin/Mod Team will review nominations, and make sizing determinations on appropriate amount of ETH to reward


  • New ETH wallet managed by someone on team with wallet address made known to the community.
  • Team will make transfers of ETH to individual wallets.
  • Updated in weekly team update blog

Who is eligible to receive tips?
Want to host a regular community twitter spaces? Get rewarded in ETH for it.
Want to host regular movie nights? Get rewarded in ETH for it.
Want to host quiz nights? Get rewarded in ETH for it. Also use community treasury funds to pay for small rewards.
Are you an artist who wants to offer derivative commissions to the community? Get rewarded in ETH for it.

  • Temperature check: Fund community events/engagement - #5 by Heman

  • Current status: Proof of concept, idea taken from Doodles community

  • Budget: 8 ETH, to be split into 2 wallets/funds with 4 ETH each. Wallets to be funded immediately after successful vote. Budget is expected to last 4 months. At end of 4 months, will reevalute. Excess ETH to be rolled over into next 4 month period’s funds or returned to treasury.

  • Schedule: 8 ETH expected to last 4 months of events/rewards.

  • Risk: Low quality events and events that don’t reach enough of the community. Mod Team and grindin will access and approve every event/contest. Rules in place to ensure that a minimum threshold of community participants is met (>25 people).

  • Value: Increase meaningful participation and engagement in the community. With funds pre-approved in this proposal, we can move fast and encourage regular contests. Rewards and incentives to encourage community participation in building the brand and being active in the community. We want to encourage community engagement to be led by our community.

  • Team: grindin and CH mod team


Very interesting as a proposal. I just have to say that however those who (like many of us) are not an artist who can create / draw or are not a native English speaker and therefore cannot project a film or induce an NFT space would be disadvantaged as they could not benefit from it. in economic terms. The idea is well constructed, but if you can also find a benefit for this category of people it would be fantastic.

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Love this idea and would be willing to host Twitter spaces if people are interested!

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Appreciate the thoughtfulness and transparency that went into this. I don’t see much downside and we can recite in 4 months to see what can be improved or dropped. If this funded from secondary sales?

Yes of course we should do that. What I don’t fully understand is the difference between the community treasury and this fund.

Less friction. Using community treasury would require a proposal for each use. Preapproving 8 eth to a separate wallet means we don’t need a proposal to tip someone .1 eth, it’ll just be up to me and mod team.

everything listed in this proposal typically falls under the role of Community Manager and tbh earmarking more money when there already is a CM feels redundant