I want to create a Capsule House derivative project called ‘loyalty Holders"

my Idea is to pay 2~5% of any new CH sell to who didnt sold his CH more then 3 or 4 mount

I wonder what would be the legal implications of something like this. It kind of looks similar to stocks paying dividends.


Yes, the SEC just announced they are targeting Nft projects that act as securities. This would be very dangerous to do and could get our project taken down from Opensea. I would wait to see how the regulators act on other projects like this first. We are not against it but i think it’s better to wait for more regulatory clarity and see how other projects are treated by the SEC.


Yes this is exactly what I was going to suggest…
I Totally agree with @grindin
When you start talking about paying dividends you get into a “slippery slope” that can classify us as a security.


We could implement a similar system to facilitate long time holding true a better distribution of new projects for long time holders…
For example we produce a new collection with our community funds and the long time holders get to have 2 pieces or and a easier chances to score rare pieces etc etc…

Is this concern/risk also applicable to having a token?

I would love to see tokennomics being implemented for CH at this stage as there are merch and secondary nfts (Zodiacs) already so there is an ecosystem to using a self token.

your but… is unnecessary they can do that with capsules not a new collection.