I want to create a Zodiac dashboard


The idea is to provide Zodiac statistics to the community.

I developed a small script able to gather the data and display some insights. That’s the bare minimum for now and it takes quite a while to load. Stats might be buggy, I rushed the code. But you get the idea.

Some screenshot attached.


How many different Zodiac variants holders have

(1 holder have 0 zodiac, I know…)

Minted vs Burned by Variant

TBH I don’t know if existing stats websites like dune are able to chart those. I didn’t find any. What I’m suggesting is a tailored dashboard with exportable data.

I could host this page to my website (easiest), or make a separate thing in order to host it under something like zodiacs-stats.capsulehouse.io (harder).

This could help the members to decide when to use or invest in Zodiac. And the team can use the data to drive the Zodiac usage strategy.

  • Do you think this it’s useful?

  • Which metric would you like to see in the dashboard?

Thanks for reading, WAGMI


A holder has actually suggested creating a tool like https://compass.art/ for our fam! Would you like to look into that as well? :bouquet:

would the funding be to host the website?

not sure I see any funding request but I like analytics so all for it

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Funding would cover development and running costs if I’m responsible for the hosting.
Depends on what’s included in the page and what the community thinks is fair.

I’d love to see more data around Capsule House. I would want to see long-term maintenance so it doesn’t become outdated after a couple months of use. Also, I wonder if there is anyway we can use this to build relationships with other projects and market Capsule House brand?

“We created a cool dashboard, we can do it for you too.”
“Get started with our template.”

Perhaps the market is too saturated though to think that big and we should stick to just Capsule House.

I feel like this is possible to do on dune, no need to fund this at all! Thanks for being a part of this community would love to see you fine to these instruments and make a final product! appreciate everything you do for the capsule corp!

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