In-Person Capsule House / Seerlight / Kaejunni Exhibition

Not sure if this idea has been tossed around but the premise is to showcase the works of the Capsule House germinative project, Seerlight’s 1/1 and Kaejunni work at an in person exhibition in a selective major city (i.e New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Tokyo, etc). I believe that the upfront costs would be minimal. All you need is some space to lease up and the necessary NFT displays. If executed correctly, this exhibition will create major buzz around the project and the artists behind the work. We can also have Oksami DJ the opening night, if he is willing to bless us with those tunes. Not only will it build street credibility across major content creators, it will allow holders to meet in real life. Those located in the exhibition location can visit at ease and we can use some of the treasury funds to raffle off plane tickets to select holders. Further, if possible, Seerlight can create a 1/1 for the opening, display it, and have an open auction throughout the lifetime of the exhibition. As well as raffle one of his older pieces (similar to what is done now with 30+ holders) to all attendees. Further, one section of the space can be tailored as the shopping store where listed capsules will be displayed and exhibition goers can purchase a Capsule on the spot. We will have a booth to onboard newcomers to the space and break down the whole NFT concept. If they wish to create a wallet in a more secure location, they can purchase the NFT through the exhibition, have the exhibition wallet hold it and have it transferred to them once they set up the wallet at a later date. This is just a high level overview of what this in-person exhibition could accomplish and happy to hear any suggestions.


This is a great idea and the team is actively exploring this type of event in the future.

Though having community led events as well would be great.

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Don’t want to shine away from what the team is planning is to do. My approach would be to allow the team to execute their event however they feel fit and down the line allow community members showcase the works of Capsule House in unique, out of box way. Creating a bridge between the digital and physical world.