Partner w/ Hologram Labs to create Virtual Avatars

Hologram Labs creates virtual avatars of your pfps that you can use on streaming/video calls. They track to your motion/face so that you can become your Yokai/Posthuman/Demihuman/Human in your next Zoom meeting. Imagine streaming on youtube/twitch as your Hacker. Imagine taking your next business meeting as your Ape.

They are currently partnering with communities such as Cool Cats and Deadfellaz to create virtual avatars for them.

“Start video-calls or livestreams, create content, and join virtual spaces as motion-tracked characters with one click on any device.”

We could either have a paid mint for these Virtual avatars (to pay Hologram) or pay a set fee from the community treasury for them. I would prefer having a mint where people who want it can mint.

Prototype of a yokai avatar:


I like this a lot! You have my support :slight_smile: curious on more details about the resources needed to execute this.

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Really like this one! Something fresh and fits right into the whole capsule house theme and ecosystem.

Would love to get a better understanding of the whole cost structure as well to be able to assess better

This is very cool. I think a mint makes the most sense.

i think that’s a very neat idea, like it a lot :slight_smile: !

…what happened to ‘future-proof avatars’ that were funded by the bump in secondary fees to 5%? The nebulous ‘metaverse development’ money? Why is this a ‘community’ initiative?

I really like this proposal.

I’m fascinated by VTubing/streamable avatars and would love to use some of the CH pfps we have.

It makes the most sense to have it available to mint for those who really do want to use one. This path seems to be best use of resources.

I wonder what feature we could have for burning Zodiacs :open_mouth:

I was skeptical but the demo on their site looks pretty good. It seems like a good fit for 2D animated projects. I could see this actually being used for video hangouts. +1 from me

I would say, if you are building a metaverse brand, then any endeavor that’s avatars based need to accompany the main token. Otherwise you have a fragmented ecosystem and this gets lost as a community collab… Future folks who missed out the mint, came into the ecosystem two years later, can’t buy the matching token to go with it will have a hard time entering the ecosystem. Tough enough finding one you really resonate with, only to see the matching token doesn’t exist or isn’t listed…etc. It severely limits the network effects and causes friction to entry.

My proposal would be to create them for everyone and as an asset that’s bound to the owner of the capsule either on chain or off chain. Then perhaps minting them from the site if need to collect the fees to place them onto the blockchain. On-chain bound would be really interesting, as a secondary asset that travels along when the primary gets transferred. OwnerOf(newtokenID) always maps to owner of matching capsule. Sale structures to assist with that can be built (like buying now for a cheaper price, and later folks can mint it for a higher price because we are subsidizing we get a discount).

If this is the company that cool cats etc are using, even more reason to do so… because it might open up integration opportunities into other metaverses that may end up accepting this format. You wouldn’t want only a small portion of capsules to have that type of possibility (and an even smaller amount of usable ones bc of purchasing difficulties) because propagation of a culture as small as 10k need all the network effects we can get. This will advance the brand rather than add complexity and friction.