Pondering Proposal Submitted: TheLastBaron

Main Concept:

I would like to propose a commissioned piece by Pondering.Please see his work here: Pondering✨ (@Pondering) | Foundation 24Twitter: https://twitter.com/PonderingDraw?s=20&t=uR3OFl2NmJQJlZD7XeigYA 13
Once you understand/see his work, we will use the teams vision of the world, and create a Yokai city based on the IP and lore we have created. Within this city, there will be animations, Yokais, Architecture, etc. As a bonus to the collectors in all of us, Pondering (ultimately his choice on variety and amount of versions) will be doing alternative versions of the same piece (random mint).
My goal is to commission 3 additional pieces under the same guidelines for each species’ city in future proposals.

1 mint per wallet exclusively for cap holders.-If community agrees they want to buy more, we can revisit.

Minting period of 2 weeks

Mint price: .03eth + Gas (Minting on the CH website like the zodiacs)

Sales/Secondary Breakdown (5% Royalties)

Artist: 25%

CH Team: 25% (IP/Dev)

CH Community Treasury: 50%

Temp Check Link:

Art Commission Proposal (Pondering) Submitted by: TheLastBaron 7


My goal with this is to do a few things:

  • Bring life to the lore and world we are building. Provide our community with a quality/beautiful piece of art.Build our relationships with artists, and use our platform for more exposure for them and for ourselves.Grow the community treasury.

Current Status:

Just waiting for the go ahead. Pondering has been made aware of the structure below. Once this is approved, Pondering and I will get to work on it.

Commission price: 3 Eth (Directly to Pondering)


If this is passed, the estimated time to complete the art is 15 days once started. Allow time for revisions.

Funding milestones-
1.5 ETH to start to Pondering. Remaining 1.5 ETH at successful completion of commission with acceptance from TheLastBaron.


We will only need 200 Holders to mint to make the initial investment back.

TheLastBaron will work with Pondering to ensure quality/theme of art and agree on revisions with Pondering.


Pondering, Myself, and CH Dev team

Vote here:

Voting ends March 18th, 730PM PST.


Love it. Count me in.
Quality on this will be amazing.

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I’m totally with y’all on this. A thought-out plan.

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You have my vote! :smiley:

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Love the idea!! thanks for the effort. Vote+1

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Sounds awesome! Would 100% mint

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All my Cap votes here. YES.

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You have the vote of my 22 capsules.

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Totally agree with this!

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Count me in. I have 5 caps

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Great idea, thank you for coming up with it and getting the ball rolling so quickly! Hope to see this on snapshot soon.

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Love the idea, Pondering definitely has the vision to build out a world for our capsules to live in. Excited to see this come alive if given approval.

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Love it. Vote yes for sure. This proposal draft is fantastic

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I’m down, this is a great idea! LFG!

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Thoughts on asking pondering to make the pieces fit to twitter banner? Or would we just want a normal square canvas?


I will certainly ask

i’m in, this one is great

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This might be my personal problem but, I think 0.03 is too high.


Let’s make it happen. LFG!


It was a back and forth that I went over with myself and others on the Creative team.
-While I understand once you buy into a project, the expectation is that airdrops and collections after the fact should be free + gas or an airdrop on polygon. I personally do not feel this way. (I fully understand this is a personal preference and I do not judge if you feel otherwise)
-I have never been a fan of the polygon airdrops, as most are rarely thoughtful, and end up in the hidden tab. Plus, I just don’t have the time or want to, to switch over and do all the extra work (I fully understand this is a personal preference and I do not judge if you feel otherwise).
-In terms of the price. Its $80 at the moment. My thought process… Pondering could easily charge us more for the commission, as his following is growing and his pieces are pretty work intensive and thoughtful. I think handing out what he would normally charge for a 3-5eth (1/1) to our holders isn’t fair to his brand, nor the dilution of his product. By charging .03 the community treasury gets its money back at 200 mints. Pondering gets a deserved cut. CH IP/Dev gets a deserved cut. The hope is that 3000 people mint, but the likelihood of that is minimal based on current engagement. By minimizing the mint to one per wallet, a couple variations of it, and possibly in twitter banner size, .03 is justified. Just because you own a LV purse or wallet, doesn’t mean the keychain is free. Capsule House is a quality brand with thought out mechanics, art, and team. Depending on the logistics (over my head) of keeping the mint window open, you will have ample time to collect the .03 and mint. Also, if enough people like this and it turns out great, then I would like to do 3 additional pieces for each species. Pick and choose which ones you want. And at the end of the day, you don’t have to buy one (I do not mean this coldly), nor do you have to vote for it. My goal with my proposals (and the Creative Team as a whole), which will be many, is seeking out artists that scream quality and thoughtfulness that separate CH from every other project, and helps to continue the lore and world we are trying to build.

I am always open to criticism, so please respond if you have any further questions or issues.