PROPOSAL: Capsule House Floor Raffles

GM Cap Fam

I’m proposing a new kind of raffle per 3/13 discord discussion. The idea is to use community funds to buy 1 (or 2) cap(s) off the floor monthly (quarterly?) and raffle it off during months there is no Seer raffle going on.

This kind of raffle would further engage the community and incentivize non-holders to join cap house as well. The Seer raffles have been a huge success and I think a Cap raffle could have that same kind of success.

Council chooses a month when there isn’t a Seer raffle happening. They then select a floor capsule from a species of their choosing. An added perk might be that a story or lore is written about that specific cap so there is something special and unique about that cap.

Being discussed in the Holders House. No outside artist necessary.

1.1 eth for a floor cap (1.1 is current floor and subject to change). 2.2 if it’s multiple caps.

Since this requires someone’s labor, it might be fair to give a small sum of eth from the community fund to whoever runs the raffle.

If passed, this shouldnt take more than a day or two to execute. Labor involves purchasing the cap off OS and then running the raffle in the evening the same way the Seer raffles have been happening.

We might raffle a cap and not get any community engagement as a result. If the Twitter Spaces and Discord is dead for the raffle, that might be an indication that the raffle is not worth the community funds and we should not do it again.

I believe Chandler ran the last raffle but it could be anyone from the main Cap team that has the ability to use the comm funds to buy the cap, raffle it, and do a Twitter Spaces for the reveal.

Thanks homies!!! Love the forum and everything that’s happening with Cap House. WE ARE GOING TO FLIP APES. I know it.

Eternal Pepe


We could also consider budget as +25-50% of floor to increase more options that may attract interest and ideas for lore. Ie. If floor is 1 eth. Can choose up to 1.25-1.5eth capsule.


Also other ideas to raffle.

1 capsule could be standard hold 30 day lotto raffle and 2nd we could do the lore contest

Community votes on Derivative Art or short story etc for winner.

Since these will be every other month won’t be too overwhelming or costly I wouldn’t think.


I’m down for this. Thanks for posting!


I like it, good way to get the community engaged. I would stay at floor and have some sort of criteria to assess engagement after raffle to see if it’s worth it


Great proposal, I’m very down for this.

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Love this idea. I would love to see these raffles as a way not to only reward holders but attract new ones as well, so I would like to see raffle mechanics/game be conducive to that - perhaps we can set up some guidelines to support that structure?

Agreed. Team selection vs. random is a good idea. Could consider for zodiacs as well. Would recommend a very short (or no) holding period for eligibility.

Great Idea ! For me it’s OK!