Understanding the CH family

It seems to me that we have little analytics of the profile, motivation, expectations and more broadly thoughts and suggestions of the wider community. Its very discord-based and I’d suggest, in partnership with the marketing team, to build a survey covering key topics like the above so we can anchor future decisions in a solid understanding of our audience. Cost can quickly go up if you do it with a company (10-20 eth) and online or just be a few eth to cover time if you do a surveymonkey.

Now I suspect the marketing team has already this in mind and if so, and in order not to duplicate, I’d recommend building some sort of “advisory group” representative of our community that can help shape the questionnaire and tackle all relevant topics.

I think you may be describing the Capsule Council, who marketing does work with fairly regularly as a focus group/sample group of the overall Capsule community. I have a feeling Schottsy’s onboarding will kickstart a more data analytics focus. Good idea.

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Great idea. This is definitely something the team needs to do and Lisa will help us with. Understanding our audience is very important